Leader of the UDM Bantu Holomisa speaks at the Future of the African daughter (FOTAD) fundraising gala dinner held at the Fairlawns Boutique hotel in Gallo Manor north of Johannesburg.In the background is the CEO of FOTAD Gqibelo Dandala. Picture:Paballo Thekiso

Johannesburg - United Democratic Movement leader Bantu Holomisa on Sunday called for a change in government.

“We cannot allow the country to slide further down this slippery slope of corruption, maladministration and ineptitude,” Holomisa said in a speech prepared for a Freedom Day rally at the Popo Molefe Stadium in Fochville.

Poverty and corruption had destroyed the gains of freedom, he said.

“The ANC is to blame and you should hold it accountable,” Holomisa said.

He told supporters to vote for the UDM in the upcoming elections.

“We can choose to continue on this path or have the sense and moral fortitude to take our responsibility as voters seriously,” Holomisa said.

He said the UDM as government would commit itself to creating jobs and stimulating the economy.

The party would ensure taxpayers' money was not wasted and action would be taken against corrupt government employees.

People who lived in the rural areas would have access to passable roads, electricity, water and a fully fledged railway network.

“The UDM government commits itself to invest the education budget into the improvement of infrastructure, training of teachers and their career growth,” Holomisa said.

The party would also improve the country's health care system and develop a doctrine to ensure that the police functioned in line with constitutional values.

“The UDM government commits itself to enhancing co-ordination between the departments of justice, police, correctional service, defence and national intelligence,” he said.