Screen grab of offiicial twitter page. Zuma ? 220712

“Oh no!! I’m missing out on @IdolsSA. I’m far away in another timezone. #sadness”

This is the tweet that was sent from the Presidency’s official Twitter account at around 6.30pm on Sunday, and triggered chuckles and criticisms from Twitter users to the Presidency.

Initially, there was speculation that the account had been hacked, but the Presidency tweeted two hours later, saying: “That last tweet was not an official tweet from The Presidency or the President but rather an administrative error. Our apologies.”

The explanation did nothing to defuse #ThatAwkwardMoment.

Adam Sack @adsacky, wrote: “@PresidencyZA would you consider your performance on not delivering textbooks in Limpopo an administrative error?”

South African Trivia, an account that runs SA general knowledge quizzes, sombrely retweeted tweet, now daubed as “classic”, with the line “Our country is in trouble”.

Others were keen to know who was responsible for running the Presidency’s Twitter account.

Kavir Laloo @kavloo said: “Curious to meet this 18yr old tweeting on behalf of @PresidencyZA. Stop it! @helenzille doesn’t get @LindiMazbiko to tweet for her.”

An amused @NathanSamuel said: “@PresidencyZA Someone at the Presidency is in big trouble tonight.”

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