President Jacob Zuma addresses people of Ka-Nyamana in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga on January 8, 2013 during the birthday of the ANC ahead of the manifesto launch. Picture: STRINGER

Nelspruit -

Thousands of ANC supporters made their way to the Mbombela Stadium in Nelspruit on Saturday, where the party would unveil its election manifesto.

They wore African National Congress regalia and sang revolutionary songs as they walked to the venue.

The road to the stadium was lined with food vendors and others selling ANC memorabilia.

Police kept an eye on the supporters. Traffic gridlocked along roads surrounding the stadium as minibus taxis and buses ferrying supporters arrived. “I love the ANC, and I will vote for it again. ANC lives... we are going to make [former president] Nelson Mandela very happy,” said Benny Mthombeni, 45, draped in ANC colours.

Pensioners and the disabled queued patiently at least 2km from the stadium for transport to ferry them into the venue.

Inside the stadium the crowd cheered as popular dance music blasted through the speakers.

The day's proceedings would start with cultural performances. - Sapa