Johannesburg - President Jacob Zuma's son, Duduzane, has again spoken out on numerous allegations against him and his business partners, the Gupta family in an exclusive interview with BBC

Duduzane gave a candid interview, which took place in Dubai, in which he tackled a range of issues, including his ties with the controversial family, the alleged bribe offered to former deputy Finance Minister Mcebisi Jonas as well allegations of corruption levelled against him. 

His interview comes a few days after his open letter to former Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan, in which Duduzane questions how Gordhan was able to sleep at night knowing the role he played in trying to destroy him and his business partners. 

“You have used various state bodies such as the FIC (Financial Intelligence Centre) and the Reserve Bank to try and destroy me and my business colleagues with no proof of misconduct. Yet you accuse us of state capture,” said Duduzane in his scathing letter to Gordhan.

He also warned Gordhan to stop his public attacks which would affect the sale of the Gupta companies, and stop tarnishing his image - or he would take legal action against him.

In the latest interview with BBC Africa correspondent Milton Nkosi, Duduzane explains his decision to finally break his silence. 

"The decision for me to speak out at this point came because it's gotten to a level where a line has to be drawn," he said. 

"There's a lot going on at the moment, it's open season [with open letters, parliamentary hearins, press conferences, and I feel like I've been a part of this process and at some point, I have to step up."

Duduzane also answered questions on his relationship with the Gupta family, explaining that he was not introduced to the family by his father but rather met them when they had a meeting with his father. 

He also refuted claims that they were only interested in him because he is Zuma's son, adding that he was a likeable guy. 

"I don’t think they wanted anything from me. They liked me. As I liked them. I think I’m a likeable guy," he maintained. 

Other interesting points from the candid interview: 
* Duduzane denied he had any property in Dubai, claiming he was in Dubai on business and did not own an apartment in the city. 

* He also denied the president owned any property in Dubai or was bought any property in the city by the Guptas, maintaining that Zuma's house was in Nkandla.

* Duduzane maintained that Jonas was ever offered a bribe by the Guptas. He claimed all that took place was a meeting between him and the former finance minister to "to sort out certain issues".

He denied he was corrupt or involved in any corrupt activities. "I’m not corrupt. I’m not corrupt. I’ve not involved myself in any corrupt practice, in any corrupt business," Duduzane told Nkosi. 

Watch the full interview below: