Frmer SABC boss Hlaudi Motsoeneng. Picture: Siviwe Feketha
Johannesburg - Controversial former SABC boss Hlaudi Motsoeneng has announced his readiness to battle for the presidency of the country following the unveiling of his own political party.

Motsoeneng said the new party - called the African Content Movement - would ensure that South Africans are included in the economy.

He said while he was branded a controversial and corrupt figure, he had unmatched credentials in terms of effecting transformation.

“In South Africa the only person who is tested on delivery is Hlaudi. Today people are saying Hlaudi is corrupt because they realise that this Hlaudi is very dangerous.

“He is going to take over the country. If I am corrupt I should be caught by the Hawks,” Motsoeneng said.

He said his government would put an end to social grants, as they made South Africans lazy and that he would empower them instead.

“In South Africa we should run away from giving people grants because we are building a very lazy nation.

“You know in South Africa if you go, people ask what can you do for me. You should ask yourself what can I do for myself and what can I do for my people. But you can’t achieve that if government is not creating such opportunities for you.”

Motsoeneng also slammed President Cyril Ramaphosa’s efforts to get large scale investments from international investors, saying his party would instead create local billionaires.

“Ramaphosa is talking about raising funding, billions and billions. I am also shocked where I am. But he does not understand that you can raise those billions but those billions do not belong to you. Those billions belong to those people. The issue that we need to talk about is how do we make sure that our people are billionaires and millionaires,” he said.

The announcement of the political party caused a social media frenzy on Thursday as people took turns to mock Motsoeneng and his new political outfit.

Motsoeneng also weighed in on the land issue, saying while he supported the provision of land to black people, it must be compensated for and not taken by force if white people paid for it.

“If they bought land, you can’t get for free. I am talking about reality. If they bought land and there is proof that they bought land, you can’t take land by force. You must buy land back to black people. By who, by government,” he said.

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