377 07.05.2014 Members of the community patiently wait outside the Gauteng legislature for the centre to be opened to cast their vote at the 2014 national elections. Picture: Motshwari mofokeng.

Johannesburg - Voters in Windsor West were up at the crack of dawn on Wednesday morning to be first in line to cast their votes.

So eager was Peggie Vermeulen that she woke up at 3.30am to get ready for her 5am queueing start.

Dressed in a DA shirt and jacket to starve off the crisp morning air, the 69-year-old said: “I’ve gone on all their rallies and enjoyed them. When I got here it was dark and cold. I woke up so early because I was just so excited, I can't wait to go in and make that cross.”

But Vermeulen was only second in line. She was beat to the first spot by Solomon Sebyeng, 49, who has voted in all the previous elections.

“I got here early because I didn't want to stand in line too long. I believe in voting,” he said.

By 7am, the queue outside the voting station had started growing, with residents having their morning coffee as they waited.

Xhanti Madolo, 31, said: “I've been given a voice and I've come to exercise that right to vote for the ANC. I believe things will get better”.

The station was open at 7am and one by one, people walked in to cast their votes.

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