EFF leader Julius Malema speaks during the second national people’s assembly in Nasrec. Picture: Itumeleng English/African News Agency(ANA)

Johannesburg - By Saturday night, the EFF will have a new elected leadership, but the leaders who are elected should not be "lazy". 

This was the announcement made party leader Julius Malema at a press briefing on Saturday afternoon, shortly after he delivered his opening address of the organisation's second National People's Assembly at the Nasrec Expo Centre, south of Johannesburg. 

"Everything (nominations and voting) will be done today. If there is contestation, the voting will be done today," Malema announced. 

"After the treasurer-general's finance report (to be delivered by Leanne Mathys), the independent election committee will take over and dissolve the (current) leadership," Malema added. 

He again appealed to delegates that they should elect to the central command team (CCT) leaders who would work for the organisation and not be lazy. The CCT is the party's highest decision-making body in between conferences. 

"Do not deploy lazy people into the CCT lazy people, or turn the CCT into a dumping centre because we're going to be stuck with wheelbarrows for a very long time. Five years is too long. 

"So, we can't do anything -- they're elected. When they don't work, you can't do nothing -- they're elected," Malema said. 

In his political report, Malema chastised certain members of the EFF, which he felt were not committed enough to what he said was the party's cause. 

"You can develop the best policies and adopt the most progressive resolutions, but if you compromise yourself in choosing lazy leaders who think leadership positions is a status, all those policies and resolutions will amount to nothing," he asserted. 

The conference runs until Monday, December 16.


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