Zackie Achmat

Cape Town - Longtime ANC supporter, activist Zackie Achmat has vowed to cut ties with the ruling party if President Jacob Zuma is re-elected at the Mangaung conference.

Achmat, founder of the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) joined the ANC in 1980 and was one of the leaders of the anti-apartheid school boycotts. He says Zuma is looting the country which needs “non-racial, moral leadership”.

He also declared his support for Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe as the party president.

“The ANC today is no longer the party I joined in prison during 1980 when I was recruited by Johnny Issel.

“From the time of former president Mbeki, corruption has been rewarded whether it be the arms deal or Oilgate, and under President Zuma it has reached significant proportions,” Achmat said.

He said “the tragedy” was the ANC had failed the country’s working class and poor.

“For example last night (Wednesday), Minister (Nathi) Mthethwa went to pray about crime in Khayelitsha and the only reason he did was to attack the O’Regan Commission of Inquiry and to vilify organisations such as the Social Justice Coalition.

“He should instead be working with us to make communities safe.”

Achmat said his support would not go to the DA if Zuma was re-elected.

“I hope that an alternative social-democratic party will arrive and if not I will spoil my ballot,” he said.

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