A group of civil society organisations seeking to confront the "state capture fightback" will host a mass rally aimed at mobilising society against this trend. Picture: Khanyisile Ngcobo

Johannesburg - A group of civil society organisations seeking to confront the "state capture fightback" and defend SA's democracy will host a mass rally on Sunday, July 21, aimed at mobilising society against this trend. 

The band of civil society organisations, under the banner "Hands Off Our Democracy" held a media briefing on Thursday aimed at addressing what they termed "state capture fightback". 

Among those organisations present were the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation, Amnesty International, Corruption Watch, Section 27, the SA Communist Party (SACP), the Helen Suzman Foundation and Freedom Under Law. 

SACP spokesperson Alex Mashilo, addressing the media, spoke of the continued "fightback" against attempts to clean up state institutions and legislative bodies previously affected by state capture. 

"Networks that propped up the shadow state remain active and continue to undermine our democracy. 

"Today, we face a concerted fightback against the renewal of our society by many of those implicated in state capture. Theirs is an attempt to subvert the processes underway to rebuild efficient and ethical governance, so that they may remain unaccountable". 

"State establishments, legislative bodies, political parties and private entities continue being used by the networks of state capture fightback to hamper efforts to clean-up our government and make it work in interest of all South Africans - not just a select few, well-connected individuals"

The organisations called on ordinary South Africans to unite in confronting this "fightback" and put an end to these state capture networks. 

They also launched a blistering attack on those "preoccupied with the rogue unit", which they said had been widely debunked. 

"We find it extremely concerning that the discredited SARS 'rogue unit' narrative is being perpetuated yet again. What is disturbing, is that this effort is premised on recent reports by the office of the Public Protector. 

"Public money - going into the billions - has been diverted from state coffers over the last few years but the Public Protector seems to be overly preoccupied with the old 'rogue unit' narrative that has already been widely debunked. This narrative has been previously exposed as being a tool that was used to cripple SARS's capacity and it's effectiveness to fulfill its mandate of bringing tax dodgers to book."

The group threw its weight behind the commission of inquiry into state capture and vowed to continue voicing its dissatisfaction with" compromised individuals "within government. 

Sunday's rally will take place at the Joburg City hall from 2pm.