Super Zuma, the ANC secretary in KwaZulu-Natal. Picture: Supplied

Durban – The ANC in KwaZulu-Natal will, on Monday, hold a day of mass action in Durban against what it called “judicial overreach”.

The party claimed that the country’s courts were being used by the opposition to undermine the executive arm of the state.

Speaking at a press briefing this afternoon, provincial secretary Super Zuma accused the judiciary of allowing opposition parties to use the judiciary, saying that undermined the principle of separation of powers.

He cited the High Court ruling compelling President Jacob Zuma to give reasons for the most recent and controversial cabinet reshuffle, calling it a ““frivolous judicial overreach”.

But Zuma said the march should not be seen as a pro-president Zuma march, rather an opportunity for the people of KZN to speak and defend their vote and their democracy.

“We think it is time for people who voted the ANC to speak. There are people who speak as if they are controlling society. To ascertain what is the decision of the society. You will only ascertain through ballot papers.

"Voters of this country spoke and voted for the ANC and president in 2014. Only the ANC can claim to be speaking for the majority of South African. Let the people speak. We do not want to be told by people who got less than one percent to be speaking on behalf of society," he said.

The ANC in KZN also slammed the opposition for organising marches against Zuma saying, this was a clear sign that there is a “growing confidence to openly challenge the ANC and its decisions”.

“At the heart of the agenda is the hidden strategy to delegitimise the president and ultimately the ANC so that power will change political hands in our country. The onslaught is a precursor to the 2019 general elections by which counter-revolutionary elements and their lackeys harbour false hopes of unseating the ANC,” said Zuma.

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