Lesotho Prime Minister Tom Thabane File picture: Siphiwe Sibeko/Reuters

Pretoria - Lesotho Prime Minister Tom Thabane on Saturday announced that he is getting married again, inviting delegates at the 37th SADC summit of heads of state and government to attend his marriage ceremony in Maseru.

Shortly after making his "maiden speech" to the 15-member bloc, the 78-year-old Thabane requested outgoing Southern African Development Community chairman King Msawti III of Swaziland to give him another opportunity to address the summit.

"Before I give the keynote [address], I have just received a request from the prime minister of Lesotho who has just requested that there is something very important which he left out when he was making his remarks. I will make this exception for the prime minister and give him at least some few minutes to run through what he left out," said Mswati who was chairing the session, sitting next to President Jacob Zuma.

Then Thabane made his announcement: "Your majesty and colleagues, I forgot an important part of my speech. The important part of my speech is the fact that on the 27th of August in Maseru, in our National Stadium, I will be getting married. When we get married in Lesotho, we kill a few cattle and sheep and those who like to have a lot of meat and to rejoice with us are invited.

"The occasion will take place in our National Stadium. Formal invitations will  be circulated to your different missions. Please come because I would like to rejoice with all of you. Thank you very much," Thabane said.

He added that the identity of his bride was "an official secret until you come to the stadium and look". The room echoed with applause and laughter before Mwasti went to congratulate Thabane.

"They say there is no man who has been successful without a lady behind [him]. We appreciate your invitation and I'm sure all of us will be there to witness this very important day. Congratulations," said Mswati.

In June, Lesotho security forces were on high alert as Thabane's estranged wife Lipelelo Alice Thabane was shot dead by assailants in the days leading up to the prime minister's inauguration ceremony.