Picture: I'solezwe lesiXhosa

Qunu - People of Qunu, young and old, braved the rainy cold weather to vote for the parties of their choice. The rural village – where the late former president, Nelson Mandela, was born was quiet on Wednesday but people went into voting station in numbers. Two IEC officials from different stations in Qunu told this paper that all went well and the voter turnout was very impressive.

“I have voted but there things that I’m not happy with. I don’t have electricity – the most important thing to me," said Nosisa Dyantyi.

Zukile Sidubukane (32) – “It’s good that I have voted. I hope there will be a difference and government will be able to create jobs for people like me after struggling in the last years. I am optimistic the party I have voted for will give us jobs.”

Rhaziya Phathisile (47) – “I am happy and I have voted for the ANC. It has done good things for us. I don’t care what they do, the party I like is ANC. Life was hard in this country, ANC gave us freedom. Life under the ANC is much better.”

Zimbini Langa (32) – “It feels good because I have voted for the party I like. I felt obliged to come and vote because my party is giving us service in this rural village. Here in Qunu we have electricity, clean water, clinic, museum and many things. I really cannot complain. In other rural villages, life is still difficult – but here things are better”.

Picture: I'solezwe lesiXhosa

Bongile Mlilo (40) – “I am happy that I have voted. I hope things will be better than before. It is difficult to get jobs. I survive by getting temporal jobs here in the rural villages. I hope the party that I have voted for will do what I want.”

Nobom Gqeba (80) – “I think I have voted for the government that I want. I’m happy and I hope they will continue with the good work. I live in a beautiful four-room RDP house because of the government.”

I'solezwe lesiXhosa