The NFP says the listeriosis outbreak proves its contention that genetically modified chickens are poisonous. File picture: Pixabay
Durban - The National Freedom Party says it is deeply concerned over the outbreak of Listeria, which has been tracked to Enterprise Foods and Rainbow Chicken. 

The party says that the outbreak of the deadly disease proves that its statement, made when Rainbow closed its KwaZulu-Natal operation, that genetically modified chickens are poisonous. 

The NFP says it " believes that listeriosis is a pure crime against humanity and government is now forcing the general population to eat imported chicken from America".

The party  NFP called on all South Africans to change their diets and start eating more fresh fruit and vegetables. 

"This is the world’s largest outbreak, which will have a huge impact on the general population. The easier question to ask all these companies involved how long these companies knew about this? 180 lives amongst 1000 confirmed infections are regarded as a crime against humanity.

We urge the government to strengthen local businesses and find amicable ways to avoid job losses during shutting down of these major companies (Rainbow Chicken and Enterprise Foods)". 

The NFP further said that "government must fast-track process of land expropriation so that our people will get their land back and start farming".