Deputy chief justice Raymond Zondo heads the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture. Picture: Karen Sandison/African News Agency (ANA).

Johannesburg - The Zondo commission will on Friday morning hear in-camera testimony from a key witness in the investigation of the looting of the crime intelligence secret service account. 

The witness is Colonel Dhanajaya Naidoo who worked at crime intelligence for several years and has been under witness protection for years. 

Naidoo ended up in witness protection after he blew the whistle on the widespread allegations of corruption at crime intelligence which he was also a part of. 

He detailed his evidence to Hawks official Colonel Kobus Roelofse who began extensive investigations on the looting of the crime intelligence secret service fund based on information provided by Naidoo and his investigations. 

Naidoo faced numerous threats for blowing the whistle and Roelofse worked on protecting Naidoo by placing him and his family under witness protection. 

Zondo said when Naidoo appears at the inquiry it will be different from other appearances because he has been living under witness protection and his location could not be disclosed for his protection. 


Naidoo will testify over audio in an undisclosed location. No pictures will be displayed. 

“To ensure that when Lt Colonel Naidoo, who is a protected person, gives evidence to the commission the location to which he has been relocated and the new identity will not be disclosed. He will not be present in the room at any time. A separate location will be provided. He will give his evidence from the protected witness location and no camera will be permitted in the protected location. An audio link from the location will be provided so that his evidence can be heard in the evidence room when he presents it,” Zondo ordered.

“The chairperson and all evidence leaders will be located in the hearing room when Naidoo gives evidence. The commission’s safety security advisor will have the responsibility of ensuring the protection of the location. Media may broadcast and members of the public may be present in the hearing room. No video or other visual of Col Naidoo may be taken. No document or other evidence revealing the location in terms of the act shall be tendered or placed on the record,” he said.