Emily Poulase, 74, shows Forum 4 Service Delivery leader, Mbahare Kekana, a concrete slab in her yard. She had been waiting for a house for the past seven years. Photo: Molaole Montsho.

SCHWEIZER-RENEKE - Political party leaders visiting Schweizer-Reneke in North West to woo voters ahead of the January 15 by-election in the Mamusa municipality, will be greeted by hunger and poverty.

Getting into the City of Sunflowers, or SR as the town is commonly known, one is greeted by aging buildings, few real restaurants and the only fried chicken outlet in the town, which opened on December 4.

Schweizer Street links the R504 road to Ipelegeng township, where the majority of political parties expect to canvass voters, but here people are hungry and unemployed.

"I am not working, there are ten people in this house. No one is working," said Rita Ndlovu.

The 25-year-old said they survived on social grants. 

"The only income is from [social] grants, three children are on child support grant and my blind younger sister gets a disability grant," she said.

They live in an RDP (low cost house) and a shack accommodates other family members.

"All we are asking for is jobs, we cannot depend on social grants," she said.

Forum 4 Service Delivery members sing during their electioneering at Ipelegeng Extension 6 in Schweizer-Reneke. Video: Molaole Montsho.

For Emily Poulase, 74, a low cost house would be all she wanted. She said she had been waiting for her house to be built for seven years.

"I am waiting for a house it is seven years now. They left after this concrete slab. I do not know when will they complete the house."

There are two concrete slaps in her yard, one for her and another for her son Joseph Poulase, 50.

Joseph wanted politicians visiting his home to do something about the long hours he had to wait at the local clinic.

"I was at the clinic from 8am. I was assisted at 2pm. Please do something about this. This is six hours," he told Forum 4 Service Delivery (F4SD) leader Mbahar Kekana who was electioneering in the area on Monday.

Kekana said unemployment was sitting at 78 percent in Mamusa.

The DA went to Ipelegeng on Tuesday, to canvass voters ahead of the by-election.

DA North West leader Joe McGluwa (blue hat) with party members during their electioneering in the Mamusa municipality in North West. Photo: Supplied.

The North West provincial government dissolved the council of Mamusa in October, after the municipality failed to improve even though it was put under administration.

In the dissolved council, the ANC had 11 seats out of 18, the F4SD had three seats and was the official opposition, the EFF, had two seats. The DA and the Freedom Front Plus had one seat each.

African News Agency (ANA)