Former ANC MP Dr Makhosi Khoza File picture: Siphelele Dludla/ANA

Durban - Former ANC MP Makhosi Khoza has gathered together disgruntled former members of the ANC, DA and EFF in her bid to form a new political party.

Khoza’s return to the political scene is on the horizon with a founding congress of a new political party set for the first two days of next month. The new party’s official launch was scheduled for next year, Khoza revealed on Tuesday.

Their aim was to challenge the country’s big three parties in the 2019 national elections.

Khoza said the party had “a lot of comrades who are coming from the ANC”, while others would join from the DA and the EFF.

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The United Front of Civics and the Forum 4 Service Delivery are already on board.

Khoza said the new party was not an ANC breakaway party, but a merger between several political parties.

She added that these formations were merging because they had seen South Africa fragmenting and being divided, while their aim was to unite the country.

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“We are going to be the leader of society and we are not necessarily hostile to the ANC. The ANC has fulfilled its mission and it must give the younger generation the opportunity to run the country,” Khoza said.

She said it was time for the ANC to hand over the reins to people who had “a high moral stamina” and who could take South Africa to the next level.

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