ANC Youth League president Julius Malema labelled IFP leader Dr Mangosuthu Buthelezi, as an old man who refuses to retire despite his alleged ill health. Photo: Independent Newspapers

ANC Youth League president Julius Malema on Saturday labelled IFP leader Dr. Mangosuthu Buthelezi, as an old man who refuses to retire despite his alleged ill health.

“There is no democracy in the IFP, an old man who is refusing to go on retirement even when he is sick wants to die president of the IFP,” Malema told party supporters in Msinga, Tugela Ferry, in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands.

Malema said Buthelezi suffered from “Unoshukela”, an isiZulu reference to diabetes, which Buthelezi allegedly suffers from.

“We don't know why he can't retire and go and look after his health. You can't elect sick presidents, we want people who are healthy who will be able to serve us, who will move from one house to the other without resting in between,” Malema said while making gestures of an old person battling with back aches.

Recalling ANC presidents from Oliver Tambo, Nelson Mandela, Thabo Mbeki and Jacob Zuma, Malema said Buthelezi's continuing cling at the helm of the party which he founded, was an illustration of his will not to give up power.

“We want strong and energetic presidents like president Zuma, you can see that Msholozi (Zuma's clan name) is fit even when he dances to Mshini Wami, the youth leader said to giggles in the tent.

Malema also boldly predicted that the ruling party will do well in the midlands region, during the upcoming local government elections.

He said the IFP was a spent force and that the ANC was ready to liberate the area from both the IFP and poverty.

“The IFP is no longer a strong force in the region and we are positive that we will do very well in this entire region, we are reclaiming KwaZulu-Natal which is the home of the ANC,” said Malema adding that the IFP was not capable of carrying out political activities.

He also labelled the IFP “a blood stained party” responsible for the death of many people in the province.

“Voting for the ANC is voting for houses, electricity and jobs but a vote for the IFP is a vote for violence,” he said to applause in the packed marquee tent.

Malema also accused the DA of failing to deliver to poor and black communities, saying it only catered for whites while the ANC delivered to all.

He warned incoming councillors against being aloof towards their constituency, saying the ruling party would identify and remove them.

“As a councillor you must know all the schools in your area, the teachers, and be the first at the house where a death has occurred, so that you can provide necessary assistance.

“Do not expect to go and live in Pietermaritzburg once elected.”

Malema said the ruling party was looking towards an overwhelming victory in KZN and many parts of South Africa.

He labelled opposition parties as political toddlers and chance takers.

“All the organisations that broke away from the ANC have died a political death; the PAC, UDM and Cope have all died,” he declared.

The ANC deployed its big guns including parliamentarians and Sate Security Minister Dr. Siyabonga Cwele at the rally.

Aside from addressing the rally Malema handed over a new house built by the youth league to a child headed household in the area.

Asked for a reaction to Malema's address, Buthelezi said the youth leader had no business in meddling on IFP matters.

He said his statements were a sign of a child who had not been properly raised from an early age.

Buthelezi also questioned whether Malema had parents and even suggested that he was deranged. - Sapa