EFF leader Julius Malema File picture: Zwelizwe Ndlovu/African News Agency (ANA)
Durban -  EFF leader Julius Malema has accused major bookseller Exclusive Books of suppressing progressive stories by not featuring Advocate Tembeka Ngcukaitobi’s book “The Land is Ours” at the front of their stores.

In a tweet on Friday night, Malema said he purchased 10 copies of the book from Exclusive Books in Hyde Park in support of black excellence.

“Exclusive books in Hydepark did not have this book on display because they want to suppress our progressive stories, they only make it available on request. Let’s shame them by making it the best seller. We bought 10 copies because we support black excellence. #TheLandIsOurs” Malema tweeted with a picture of the 10 copies they purchased.

Exclusive Books responded to Malema in a tweet this morning apologising for his “bad experience”.

The group said the demand for the book was high and caused them to sell out in many of the stores.

“We expect more copies next week. Our CEO has spoken to Adv Ngcukaitobi to reaffirm our support and he has expressed his support of Exclusive Books in return,” their tweet concluded.

But Malema’s tweet has already garnered more than 3200 Retweets and 5000 likes.

Hannine Drake said that she had to ask Exclusive Books in Rosebank for a copy of The Land Is Ours “and they went to fish it out some back office”.

Thuto Mogotsi tweeted in reply to Malema, “They must not come with their whiiiiite tendencies.”

Another Twitter user, Stepoli branded Exclusive Books a bourgeoisie, anti-revolutionary, white monopoly capital, land grabbing vendor adding that he would not shop there.

“But. but... what were you guys doing there?” he asked in a tweet directed at Malema. 

Many questioned why the book was not “hyped” like other books such 'The President’s Keepers', 'Khwesi' and 'From A to B'.

“Our message keeps being pushed aside. We can no longer just watch, our voices will be heard,” tweeted Lucas Moloi.

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