EFF leader Julius Malema outside Brooklyn Police station where he laid criminal charges against Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan and his daughter Anusha. Picture: Oupa Mokoena/African News Agency (ANA)

PRETORIA - EFF leader Julius Malema on Tuesday said the party should do a roll call of journalists at its events to ensure that reporters from certain media houses do not attend.

"Let me tell you, I will not be interviewed by a Sunday Times journalist. Nobody will force me, not even a court of law can force me. No judge will come and open my mouth. I don't want them. They shouldn't come anywhere. The EFF must start taking a roll call of journalists at EFF events. We don't want Sunday Times journalists," Malema told a crowd of supporters at the Brooklyn police station in Pretoria after laying corruption charges against Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan.

"They [Sunday Times] said Malema is a bully, is a racist, and he must be stopped. It means they are pushing me back, so I'll [also] push back. They have taken a political position. They cannot take a political decision, then say to us we can't take a political decision [as well]. They hit you on this cheek and expect you to offer the other cheek -- I'm not like that. You hit me here with a clap, I hit you with a very strong fist. I'll take you down," said Malema.

He said by insisting that Sunday Times journalists should not cover EFF events, the party was adopting a "self-defence" stance.

"Let's stay very far from each other. There's no Sunday Times here, which is going to take a political decision and expect me to keep quiet. Let me remind you, I'm not Nelson Mandela, and I don't want to be Nelson Mandela. Neither am I one of the ANC politicians. In the EFF we do things differently here. That nonsense you do to ANC politicians ... you won't do it with me. Not with me. I know my rights," said Malema to cheers from his followers.

Malema told the EFF supporters to take on the critics and journalists "toe-to-toe" on different social media platforms.

"We don't have a problem with journalists ... these people are not actually journalists - the majority of them. They are people who write columns. They are analysts."

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African News Agency (ANA)