EFF leader Julius Malema. Picture: Sumaya Hisham/Reuters/African News Agency (ANA)

Pretoria - It is expected to be a tough day in court for EFF leader Julius Malema, as he will launch an urgent application to halt a warrant to seize his movable assets, while at the same time and in another courtroom civil rights organisation AfriForum will ask that he be held in contempt of court for ignoring a court order interdicting his party from inciting illegal land invasions.

AfriForum obtained a warrant on November 1 from the Gauteng High Court, Pretoria to seize movable assets of Malema and the EFF to pay an amount of R337 758.68 owed to AfriForum by Malema in his personal capacity, and the EFF as party.

Afriforum said the issued warrant will be sent to the sheriff concerned for the latter to identify and record movable assets of Malema and the EFF, in order for it to be sold by public auction.

It said Malema and the EFF owe AfriForum this amount due to the court issuing two cost orders against Malema and the EFF in favour of AfriForum since March 2017.

It said Malema and the EFF had disregarded the court’s orders to pay the legal fees of AfriForum, resulting in AfriForum obtaining this warrant to seize their assets.

AfriForum’s Kallie Kriel on Tuesday said Malema did pay R126 703 towards the cost order into the civil organisation’s bank account, but Malema has denied this.

The cost orders stem from a lawsuit brought by AfriForum against Malema and the EFF to obtain an interdict to prevent them from inciting people to grab or enter land illegally.

AfriForum will meanwhile in another court ask for an order to jail Malema for six months and to fine the EFF with R500 000 for allegedly ignoring the order interdicting it from inciting illegal land invasions.

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