Cape Town - Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa) security boss Jama Matakata described the agency’s disciplinary hearing, which found him guilty of misconduct, as a “kangaroo court”.

Matakata, who is general manager of corporate security at Prasa, was suspended pending an investigation into charges relating to a breach of his employment contract and “gross misconduct”.

A letter of notification sent to Matakata stated Prasa had completed its preliminary investigation into the matter and was of the view that there was prima facie evidence of alleged misconduct.

Matakata pleaded not guilty to all the five charges against him.

Prasa submitted that the evidence during the hearing showed that Matakata was guilty of four charges.

According to the outcome of his disciplinary hearing, the statement Matakata made had “undoubtedly” constituted conduct, which breached his contract with Prasa.

“I am being punished for the statement I proudly made to the Cape Times dated October 14, 2016, pertaining to absence of leadership, which I will never retract anywhere and any day because it is a fact.

“It is a fact that Mr Collins Letsoalo is victimising executives and some employees.

"It is also a fact and public knowledge that Prasa is on the brink of collapse and he is the current operational leader (acting group chief executive officer).”

Prasa spokesperson Lillian Mofokeng said the company would not comment on internal matters.

Matakata added: “I am not afraid to be fired for a just cause and for a principle of dignity, integrity and speaking what I regard as the truth. The fact of the matter is that Dr Molefe wants me to be dishonourably discharged from Prasa."

Matakata has been asked to bring mitigating factors to the attention of the chairperson of the hearing before a sanction is imposed.

Cape Argus