Kgosikgolo (paramount chief) of Bakgatla Ba Kgafela in Moruleng outside Rustenburg present his arguments at the Maluleke Commission at the Rustenburg Civic Centre. Picture: ANA Reporter

Rustenburg -The man claiming to be the rightful chief of Bakgatla Ba Kgafela in Moruleng outside Rustenburg is not the right chief, the Maluleke Commission heard on Monday.

Paramount chief (Kgosikgolo) Kgafela Kgafela II told the commission that Merafe Ramono is the second eldest child of the senior family of Ramono, thus excluding him from chieftaincy matters.

"Merafe's claim to chieftainship is without merit. His claims are refuted by history and events on the ground...As customary law persists he is older than Nyalala Pilane," he said.

Nyala Pilane is the current chief of Bakgatla Ba Kgafela.

Kgafela II said the community have also openly stated that they do not want Merafe Ramono as chief.

He said the resolution resulting to the tribe not accepting Merafe as chief was because his father, Tidimane brought great pain to the tribe as a ruler.

"Merafe is not a kgosi [chief] and it will end that way. History and law have to be dealt with and his versions are not supported by history. We are governed by law. Be it customary law or case law it is clear that Merafe is not a kgosi," Kgafela II said.

The Maluleke Commission is probing the chieftaincy of Bakgatla Ba Kgafela, it is nearing completing public hearing on the matter.

Kgosin Nyalala Pilane was expected to take the stand on Tuesday.

African News Agency (ANA)