The Western Cape High Court has ruled that Roy Bhoola, the Minority Front’s only parliamentary representative in Cape Town, will remain in his position pending the finalisation of a court application he brought against the party’s leader Shameen Thakur-Rajbansi, who wanted to permanently expel him.

Bhoola, who was apparently close to the late Amichand Rajbansi, was fired by Thakur-Rajbansi in April this year for “gross insubordination”.

According to Thakur-Rajbansi, Bhoola had ignored an instruction to take up a post at the KZN legislature. She said that he would be replaced by former MP Margaret Rajbally.

However, Bhoola refused to follow the instruction, saying the move would be detrimental to his work. He claimed that he had “excelled” in the task entrusted to him as MP.

Bhoola has also claimed that Thakur-Rajbansi became the leader of the party without a proper electoral process.

After his expulsion, Bhoola brought an urgent application and succeeded in obtaining an interim interdict to prevent Thakur-Rajbansi and the party from removing him from his position.

Last week, the order was confirmed, pending the outcome of the proceedings which have yet to be set down for hearing.

In a statement released to the media, Bhoola said he was pleased with the court’s decision.

“I am happy that I will continue to occupy my seat in our national parliament and be allowed the opportunity to continue to serve the people who put me there. I am not fighting anyone and I do not intend to score points.”

He said Thakur-Rajbansi now had to provide his legal team with the record of proceedings from the meeting in which his expulsion was decided. - The Mercury