Mistress on Gigaba: We are still together

New York-based stylist Buhle Mkhize has released details of her alleged affair with Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba.

New York-based stylist Buhle Mkhize has released details of her alleged affair with Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba.

Published Dec 6, 2015


Johannesburg - There seems to be no end to the drama between Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba and his alleged mistress, New York based stylist Buhle Mkhize.

This week, Mkhize revealed the steamy details of their relationship in a letter published by SA gossip website Just Curious. She mentioned how she was spoilt by the minister. He allegedly sent her cash, gifts and paid for trips which she said were co-ordinated by the South African intelligence agency.

The squabble has led to Julius Malema’s Economic Freedom Fighters accusing the minister of using state resources to fund marital infidelity. The party said they would call for an investigation by Sars and other authorities into the possible misuse of state resources.

“We do not care much about the minister’s infidelity. He is renowned for using his government credit card to buy flowers for girlfriends, breaking up people’s families and engaging in unacceptable extra-marital practices. The EFF is concerned that, in his personal affairs, Malusi Gigaba uses state resources. If the reports about his infidelity and money transfers are true, it means Gigaba is involved in money laundering,” spokesman Mbuyiseni Ndlozi said.

When approached for comment ANC spokesperson Zizi Kodwa said it had nothing to do with the ANC and referred the matter to Gigaba. His spokesperson, Mayihlome Tshwete, would not comment.

When Mkhize was contacted for comment she said: “Can you please stop interrupting me,” and hung up.

However, in a letter to Just Curious Mkhize revealed how Gigaba pursued her while he was preparing to marry his wife, Noma.

Mkhize said she was shocked to learn about the wedding.

“The first time I heard of him getting married was on his wedding day. I was on a girls’ getaway with my friends in Mexico. He left me a voicemail that I didn’t receive until I re-entered the US, but I received his Instagram message which I shared with my friends. We saw the wedding postings.

Mkhize has also not been truthful about her marital status – she is married.

“I revealed being in a relationship and living with someone but I said nothing when he assumed it was just a boyfriend. He did question a certain post – at some point I’d posted a Cartier yellow diamond ring anniversary gift that he thought was more like a wedding anniversary gift, and he was right. I dismissed the issue and deleted the picture.”

According to Mkhize, she was receiving messages from the minister begging her for another chance, and the relationship graduated from messages. They allegedly met several times in Cape Town.

“I actually took the whole thing as a sign that I should be focusing on my marriage but I should have known better. He’s a politician and they campaign for what they want. Before I knew it I was back on the phone with him again. He called me a minimum of once a day every darn day as you can see on the log I sent you. It was multiple times a day when time allowed. Texts were sent in astonishing numbers on a daily basis.

“Of course I questioned his not telling me he was getting married… he apologised and explained it as a fear that I wouldn’t give him a chance if I knew. I then raised the question of why he’d so strongly pursue another woman in the middle of his vows. He explained that he’d been married in the past and had an ugly divorce that didn’t sit well with some members of the public. He also said that he wanted to succeed politically and had kids with Noma and it wouldn’t be the right image for him to have the record of an ugly divorce and then a baby mama who in his own words basically cornered him into marrying her. He claimed she had lots on him that wouldn’t paint the right picture,”

Mkhize’s letter became popular and had many people commenting about the alleged affair which then led to the minister breaking his silence on the issue. Gigaba posted a statement on Instagram which he later deleted.

“I regret exposing my family to such an individual but truly can only blame myself. The defamation has left me no option but to speak out and seek legal remedies to protect my loved ones, we have been subjected to enough stalking and defamation. I place on record that my priorities are serving my country and being a family man,” Gigaba said in a statement.

In an Instagram post Mkhize said she stood by her letter.

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