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Move to Level 3 devoid of scientific reasoning and puts black lives at risk - EFF

By Zintle Mahlati Time of article published May 25, 2020

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Johannesburg - The EFF has described the government's decision to move the country to Level 3 of the national lockdown as reckless and devoid of scientific reasoning.

The party, which had mostly remained silent during the lockdown, said President Cyril Ramahosa's announcement on Sunday had shown the government's resignation in fighting to save its citizens' lives against the coronavirus.

Ramaphosa said on Sunday night that on June 1 the entire country would be moving to level 3 which would see more industries opening up and many people return to work. There would be a focus on hotspot areas and some restrictions, such as on social gatherings, would remain.

As of May 24, the country had recorded 22 583 confirmed cases and 429 deaths.

The EFF said the government had effectively halted its fight against the virus which, according to the party, would see many black people disadvantaged as they were now forced to go to work and put their lives at risk.

"Today, Ramaphosa told the nation and its citizens 'it is in your hands'. This is because from here on the government does not have a plan that will deal with Covid-19. The lives of black people are lives of overcrowding, dilapidated healthcare, sanitation and housing. The virus will only thrive under these conditions. Many people will die because of no access to healthcare and treatment," the party said.

The EFF has also criticised the government's decision to allow for the unbanning of alcohol sales. The party said the country's healthcare system would now be overburdened with trauma induced by alcohol as more accidents would be reported leading to more occupied hospital beds.

"The only safe people from Covid-19 are predominately the white population due to proper sanitation, housing and healthcare conditions. Over 80% of black people will not have access to healthcare to get treatment to fight the virus," the party said.

"Above all, no amount of washing hands, sanitising and social distancing could ever work in overcrowded and dilapidated public facilities like in transport and schools."

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— Economic Freedom Fighters (@EFFSouthAfrica)

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