Narius Moloto addresses members of his party at a conference. File photo: Balise Mabona/African News Agency (ANA).

The outcome of the PAC national elective conference where Mzwanele Nyhontso was elected party’s president was an “illegal gathering.”

This was the view of PAC president Narius Moloto, who was not part of the elective conference which was held in Bloemfontein over the weekend.

Moloto was reacting to the outcome of the Bloemfontein conference and said his faction was planning to recall Nyhontso as the party's sole representative in parliament.

He said they are planning to replace Nyhontso with Bennet Joko his deputy president.

Last weekend, newly elected PAC secretary general Apa Pooe made similar allegations against Moloko following his reelection as PAC president, saying the conference which elected Moloto was “illegal".

The bickering between two PAC factions look set to end up in court in a bid to resolve the legal squabbles which has bedevilled the PAC of Robert Sobukwe over the years.

Pooe said Moloto had defied an order of the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria instructing ting Moloto to refrain from holding an elective conference under the banner of the PAC.

He said Moloto and his supporters ignored the court order and “decided to hold a get-together in which they elected themselves into positions.”

Moloto was placed on suspension last month following his “unilateral” decision to suspend the PAC constitution and placed his party under administration. Pooe and his supporters approached the High Court in Pretoria which overturned Moloto’s decision

Early in May, the High Court ordered Moloto and Pooe to hold an elective conference on August 29 until 31 to allow it to elect a new leadership for the party. The court ordered both factions to jointly work together for the success of such elective conference.

Pooe met the court’s decision by holding their conference on dates prescribed by the court - now it looks set that Moloto was likely to challenge the outcome and to formalise his leadership through the court.

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