Pretoria - The African National Congress passed the 10 million vote mark on the national ballot by early Friday morning, according to results at the Independent Electoral Commission’s national results operations centre in Pretoria.

By 2.04am, the ANC had won 10,002,527 votes (62.50 percent), followed by the Democratic Alliance with 3,493,234 votes (21.90 percent), with the Economic Freedom Fighters lying third with 928,250 votes (5.82 percent).

The Inkatha Freedom Party had 403.507 votes (2.53 percent), while the National Freedom Party secured 267,487 votes (1.68 percent).

The United Democratic Movement had 169,679 votes (1.06 percent).

The Freedom Front Plus had 143,816 votes (0.9 percent), while the Congress of the People gathered 109,851 votes (0.69 percent).

A total of 15,953,537 votes had been counted. - Sapa