07/02/2014. President of Republican Democrats, Patriot Mosotho Motau briefs the media about his political parties policies Picture: Masi Losi

Pretoria -

If the Republican Democrats win the May 7 election, 10 percent of the population will be made up of police officers, there will be no private schools and teachers’ salaries will increase by 100 percent.

The new party, described by its leader Mosotho Motau as a libertarian socialist organisation, laid out its plans for contesting the national elections yesterday in Akasia, north of Pretoria. According to Motau, the party was formed in 2011 and registered with the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) in November. Members of the party are called patriots.

“We have come across questions about why we are called Republican Democrats and whether we are associated with the United States. Our name comes from two factors.

“One is that we are citizens of the republic, and two is from us being beneficiaries of democracy. We aspire to be the driving vehicle of change in the country. We believe that since 1994, much has been done but more still needs to be done.”

The party membership fees are R15. “Once a month our volunteers come back with forms and for each new member they have recruited we pay them R5. We call that individual empowerment.

“We cannot make our members volunteer. Volunteerism is just another word that replaces slavery.”

Motau said at the last party membership audit in December, they had “close to 10 000 members. We hope to win the elections”.

Their membership was made up of former ANC, DA and SA National Civic Organisation members.

There are 135 parties that have registered for the national elections.

To register a party with the IEC, a deed of foundation, signed by 500 registered voters who support the founding of the party, is required; two sets of party logos/symbols in colour; R500 registration fee; and a hard copy of the Government Gazette in which the notice to form a party appears.

Motau said if the party was voted into power, there would no longer be any private hospitals or schools.

“We have to abolish private schools. The current public schools must be able to match private schools. The schools must be merged to create a single system.

“Education will be free until Grade 12 and after matric education will be subsidised by 50 percent.

“Teachers’ salaries need to be doubled.”

The party will be officially launched and a political manifesto adopted in Mokopane, Limpopo, on March 22.

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