Screengrab: YouTube

EFF leader Julius Malema is speaking at a press conference called in response to Zuma’s Nkandla proposal.

Here are some of his quotes.

* We are not talking to DA about this matter at all nor the coalition. We will never join DA in court, DA will join us.

* We don't care whether Zuma pays 20c as long as it is in line with public protector.

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* Ministers and personalities line up at Gupta dinner and still come to us and say they are clean. We are not going to allow SA to be sold over a plate of curry.

* White supremacists are happy that the country is being run down by black people. Not in my name.

* We are not scared of anyone just the constitution of SA.

* We must take action against corruption. It has reached the levels where we no longer tolerate. It's a battle, it's a war.

* Are you scared of Gupta media? I'm scared of nothing. Not even BBC.

Sourced from tweets by @MojoIOL