ANC's treasure-general Mathews Phosa. Photo: Boxer Ngwenya

There are no kick-backs for business people who pay to attend ANC functions, the party's treasurer general Mathews Phosa said on Wednesday.

“When we invite people to our events, you come as a volunteer,” Phosa said during the second day of the ANC's national policy conference.

“Understand, the ANC is raising funds.”

A number of business people have attended the ANC's progressive business forum, which is running concurrently with the party's policy conference.

Breakfasts were being hosted each morning and being addressed by ministers and top ANC officials.

The ANC's four-day national policy conference started in Midrand, Joburg, on Tuesday.

Phosa denied that business people were being compensated, in the form of tenders, for funding the ANC.

“I have never asked any minister or any premier for any tenders. I refuse to recommend anybody for anything. I'm a treasurer who raises funds above the board,” he said.

Phosa said he did not see people who did not want to fund the party as enemies.

“I was elected to raise funds. That's my job, so I must find creative ways to raise funds. If people want to pay to come eat with the President (Jacob Zuma), let them pay for it.” – Sapa