North West premier Job Mokgoro at the holographic broadcast of the Digital Economy Summit in Rustenburg. Photo: ANA/Stringer

Rustenburg - North West youth were looking forward to the opportunities the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) technology was expected to bring, Premier Job Mokgoro said on Friday.

"Without a doubt, the 4IR is shaking the world rapidly," Mokgoro said in Rustenburg during a holographic broadcast of the digital economy submit.

The summit was held in Midrand, Johannesburg and was beamed live at the Rustenburg Civic Centre in North West.

Mokgoro said there would be job losses but, those who acquired the right skills would be able to leverage in new jobs.

Participants in Rustenburg said they were impressed by how the technology made it possible for events unfolding in Midrand to be live in Rustenburg.
The youngest participant was Ororiseng Babeile, aged 10.

"It was so exciting, I feel great to be part of the 4IR. It means technology is going all around the world. North West is the first province in South Africa to host the summit [through holographic broadcast] and we hope there will be more," Babeile said.

The North West was expected to host a 4th industrial revolution summit before the end of this financial year, to map out the North West provincial 4IR strategy.

African News Agency (ANA)