Northern Cape Director-General Beke Beke and Northern Cape Premier Sylvia Lucas. Picture Danie van der Lith

Kimberley – The ANC in the Northern Cape on Tuesday noted with "absolute disgust" the cabinet reshuffle done by the premier.

ANC provincial secretary Zamani Saul placed it on record that the ANC was not consulted before the decision was taken.

"We don't know anything about this reshuffling. This was done in total disregard of the ANC internal processes, which require thorough consultation with both the ANC and the alliance partners. We therefore don't take kindly to this conduct by the premier. There will definitely be consequences," said Saul.

He pointed out that the timing of the reshuffle, which took place a day before the 8th provincial elective conference was about to start, was "very suspect".

"We also want to put it on record that the reshuffling has got nothing to do with improving service delivery but has everything to do with influencing the outcome of the conference. This is grossly irresponsible, reckless and self-serving. This tact is fallacious and deeply entangles the provincial government in the organisational politics of the ANC."

Meanwhile, Cosatu Provincial Secretary Anele Gxoyiya has condemned the Provincial cabinet reshuffle as "childish and factional behaviour" and has called for Lucas, to step down with immediate effect.

"The reshuffling was not based on strengthening cabinet or due to the incompetence of the MEC's. Instead it was motivated by selecting cabinet members who are perceived to be loyal to her. The decision was not sanctioned by the alliance partners."

He believed that processes were not followed.

"The decision was taken without consultation and the relevant MECs were not informed. They were called to a meeting last week where a lot of fighting took place.

"The Premier is following in the footsteps of President Jacob Zuma when he executed a midnight cabinet reshuffle. We urge the MEC's who were removed, to remain on as Members of the Provincial Legislature to prove that we do not recognise this factionalist decision."

Gxoyiya indicated that the reshuffling was done, to detract focus from the ANC Provincial elective conference.

"We will not be derailed or distracted and will emerge from the conference with a revolution. This move has irritated us .We will advise delegates at the Provincial conference that it would be best that Lucas should be removed. It was a mistake when we elected her as Premier as she is not a good leader or politician."

He sang the praises of ANC Provincial Secretary Zamani Saul, whom he described as "the best leader".

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