Cape Town-140218-Political parties respond to the SONA. Blade Nzimande. Picture Jeffrey Abrahams

Johannesburg - SACP leader Blade Nzimande has launched another stinging attack on opposition political parties, branding the DA an arrogant party of white privilege.

He characterised the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) as a party of “the most corrupt tenderpreneurs”.

Nzimande compared EFF leader Julius Malema and other leaders in the party with fascist leaders, Germany’s Adolf Hitler and Italy’s Benito Mussolini.

“We call upon the working class to come in large numbers to deliver a massive electoral blow to this (DA) party of big capital and white privilege.

“On May 7 (election day), let us deal a decisive blow against the EFF, the party led by the most corrupt tenderpreneurs,” Nzimande said in Boksburg on Thursday.

What was meant to be an event to mark the 21st anniversary of the commemoration of the assassination of former SACP stalwart Chris Hani, degenerated into a political platform to attack the opposition parties.

With the exception of Hani’s daughter, who paid a moving tribute to her late father, most of the speeches were war talk against opposition parties.

“Let us (not give) the enemies of our alliance and national liberation a chance,” Nzimande said.

“The DA is a party financially supported by the likes of (businessman) Natie Kirsh, who made his fortune in SA by exploiting township traders and collaborating with despotic feudalism in Swaziland…

“Not only does the DA, like Agang, take dirty money from Kirsh, it takes instruction from him as well.”

Turning on the EFF, Nzimande said: “Let us equally defeat demagogic and neo-fascists tenderpreneurs. Workers are not fooled by the loud-mouthed demagogues.”

He said there were question marks hanging over the heads of the EFF’s ostentatious leaders.

“(They) have never done an honest day’s work, so where do they get their fancy cars, their Breitling watches? Where do they get their campaign funding?” he asked.

ANC deputy secretary Jessie Duarte said: “We do have an enemy. One of this is liberalism and ultra-leftist.”

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