Government should consider building medical and mining schools in North West

The government of the North West wants the national government to build medical and mining schools in the province: File Picture: Leon Nicholas

The government of the North West wants the national government to build medical and mining schools in the province: File Picture: Leon Nicholas

Published Aug 24, 2023


By Olerato Carol Manyaapelo

The North West MEC for Health and Moses Kotane SACP provincial secretary, Madoda Sambatha pleaded with the ANC national leaders Gwede Mantashe and Blade Nzimande to look into building a medical school in the North West, during the SACP’s 102nd anniversary rally which took place in August at Marikana.

The Bojanala district is known of its mining economic activities and the rich natural beauty which attracts local and international tourists. The establishment of a medical and mining schools in the North West province will have a positive impact in the province’s economy. The building and operating of these two major schools will develop the province and create more job opportunities in construction, teaching and administration which will contribute significantly towards reducing the high unemployment rate in South Africa.

The graduates from the medical and mining schools will possess specialised knowledge and skills that will make them valuable assets to the province’s healthcare and existing mining industry. This will improve the overall productivity and efficiency of these two sectors. The two schools will bring economic diversification in the province as the presence of a mining school can attract investors from the mining industry which will result into development, exploration, and mineral resources extractions.

This diversification will most likely reduce the province’s dependence on certain sectors, and it will enhance overall economic resilience for the province. The medical and mining schools will generate revenue for the North West province as it will attract students from various provinces and countries who will bring in tuition fees and other related expenses.

This influx of students will also boost the local economy and local businesses. The province’s service delivery will also be boosted by the economic activities that will come with the opening and building of these two schools, which will make the province to be more developed and ahead of times. The reputation of the medical and mining schools will attract more tourists, professionals and researchers interested in these fields. The more the province trains medical professionals, the more quality and availability of healthcare services will improve and benefit the overall population’s health, together with their well-being.

The success of these two projects can only be possible if the government can collaborate with other stakeholders such as the mines operating in the district and the Department of Basic Education.

However, the government will need to be mindful of potential challenges such as infrastructure development, funding and ensuring that the curriculum that will be used in the two schools align with industry needs. There should be consultations with local communities, provincial leaders, and stakeholders to ensure that the medical and mining schools truly meet the needs of the province and its residents.

The majority of sectors within the province will truly benefit from the development and building of the two schools in the province. The medical and mining schools will play a huge role in the societal development of the province. The two schools will empower and expand the knowledge of the North West province youth who are interested in pursuing medicine and mining, while developing new talents and ensuring that they reach their full potential as far as medicine and mining is concern.

Development is very important in a province like the North West and the building of the two schools will result in a better infrastructure, such as roads and more healthcare facilities. The medical school in the province will improve the access of health care, education, and social services, which will positively impact people’s health, education, and general well-being. Moreover, these two schools will bring rural-urban balance which will help balance the development gap between rural and urban areas, reducing disparities and promoting inclusivity in the Bojanala district.

Manyaapelo is from the office of the MEC of Health in the North West.

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