President Cyril Ramaphosa. Picture: Siyabulela Duda / ANA
President Cyril Ramaphosa. Picture: Siyabulela Duda / ANA

Has the ANC made SA a 'Better Life For All?'

By Mafika Siphiwe Mgcina Time of article published Dec 28, 2019

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The African National Congress will be celebrating its 108 years since its founding on the the 8th January 2020 in Kimberly, Northern Cape (Kimberly). As we celebrate those enduring, sacrifices and achievements years it's time for this glorious movement to ponder and reflect on what miles has it travelled to make the lives of South Africans a "Better Life For All" as espoused by the founding fathers amongst others from President Dube, Luthuli and Tambo.

Has the ANC achieved its historic mission of making South Africa a non-racial, democratic country, and prosperous for all without creed, color and religion. 

If the ANC will not put this on our January Statement and give feedback to the citizens of the country, our glorious movement would have failed to report back to the citizens that as the movement we had failed to fulfill their aspiration, mission and sacrifices as reflected above. 

The ANC has a historical obligation to address poverty, inequality and unemployment. Notwithstanding what the ANC has achieved over years since 1994 with regard to housing, water, education, health, electricity, roads infrastructure and other social services. As a disciplined cadre and a member, I am obliged and I think we must give an honest report back and acknowledge our shortcomings.

I have attended countless ANC celebrations, the fundamental question is, are we able to keep to our promise that we make in these birthday celebrations which informs the ANC yearly Programme Of Action, which subsequently translate to government POA, which then must be implemented to meaningful programmes by government for quality and sustainable service delivery to our communities? 

I'll leave that to our pundits, but the ANC must live to its founding expectations that all are equal before the law. We will share the wealth of this country and that there shall be no poverty, unemployment and inequality. We must deal decisively with malfeasant, corruption, self serving and all of other misdemeanor that has characterized our movement for over a decade. 

The ANC has been besieged by all forms of corruption which has resulted in us losing our electoral stronghold and lack of trust from the citizens. This 108th birthday must be the rebirth of the ANC that will put the people first and address all social ills in our communities from crime to unemployment, equality to poverty. 

Then we can safely report back to the people who had entrusted us with the responsibility to govern. We owe them their loyalty and dedication to us as the governing party "Thou Shall Not Betray Their Trust". 

The president must announce how many we have expelled, arrested and suspended for betraying the trust of our ever loyal electorate through corruption, malfeasant, maladministration and related issues. 

Then it will be a very resounding and the most expensive birthday present ever to all the citizens of our beloved and beautiful country. Happy 108 years to our glorious movement, the ANC

* Mafika Siphiwe Mgcina is the coordinator of the ANC in the Sedibeng region. He writes in his personal capacity. 

** The views expressed herein are not necessarily those of Independent Media.

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