Science and Public Service Virtue to Remove Political Vice to Create Universal Peace in the World

Serious investigation must be done, the culprit who carried out this sabotage must be known, justice must prevail both by ending the war and discovering the bomber of the pipeline Nord –Stream 2

FILE PHOTO: The logo of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project is seen on the pipe cap at the construction site of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in Russia

Published May 2, 2023


By Mammo Muchie

Where there is hate, may love replace it, where there is conflict, may reconciliation beat it, where there is bitterness, let forgiveness prevail to remove it. There are serious global challenges to address urgently. The Nord Stream 2 that has been carrying natural gas from Russia to Europe has been bombed. The issue of who carried out the sabotage to create the pipeline disaster is still being discussed. An American Journalist Seymour Hersh said America did it. Others also link it to the Russia –Ukraine war and a number of countries in Europe such as Germany, Finland, Sweden and others are engaged on the impact of this natural gas loss to Europe. The on-going war in Ukraine with Europe, NATO and U.S.A aligning to support the Ukraine regime is claimed also to be linked to the sabotage and bombing of the pipeline. Serious investigation must be done and the culprit who carried out this sabotage must be known and justice must prevail both by ending the war and discovering the bomber of the pipe line of Nord –Stream 2. It is very scary to hear after Covid -19, there is also a report by TLS on the “Avian Flu as the H 5 n One” to be weaponised to make it another pandemic. This is very baffling to read and all of us have been asked by those who shared this current pandemic threat to warn all about this coming risk in the world. This Avian Flu is driven by the political desire for power and money by devaluing outrageously human safety and security to make all people not to live together with peace, love, happiness, social justice and social solidarity. This proves the politics in the world is done by creating danger and risk to humanity. The policies that are driven only with the pursuit of self-interest can make all politics to be harder than the science of physics. With Physics one can try to do research and comprehend the mysteries of the physical universe from its lowest quantum mechanistic sub-atomic entities to the grander cosmos and the universe. With politics the gravity burden of all elements of interest, will, deception, immorality, cheating, double standard, chasm between rhetoric and reality, and promise and delivery, policy and action, doing positive declarations with implementation failure, and a general lack of integrity and massive dishonesty can damage all relationships.

It has been very often the case that the way interests, motives, ideologies, contrarian perceptions, views and language- games by the political power players makes it rather hard to see how the future of the world may shape out. There is a need to do intensive learning to save humanity. It is infinitely hard to predict a peaceful, secure and humane future with the way politics is being played in contemporary times. No lessons have been drawn to create global peace and security from World War I and World War II. It looks the risk with the Ukraine war and many other conflicts may plunge the world into another World War III.

A humbling caveat not to live in pieces but in full peace, happiness and human togetherness is thus in order. It is not easy to get to the bottom of how the contradictory forces in the world with diverse political interests, views and beliefs that are leading so many countries in the world can be transformed: how the ordering, disordering and re-ordering logic expressed in the dynamics of the rise and fall of the great powers with war can be understood both for the purposes of knowing precisely how the world is currently either governed or misgoverned. How has the world been re- ordered in the past? How can it be–reordered in the current time? How can the different powers learn to collaborate? Do the powers unite or fight by accommodating, engaging and welcoming the rising powers or by unleashing the opposite impulse of reaction against perceived threats from them? Does the rise of new powers create world order or disorder? The normative trajectory for world reorder is dependent heavily on how the disordering impact of the rise of new powers either elicits a discouraging response or welcoming response to join the great power constellation for the 21st century. At a deeper level it remains to be seen, whether the new rising powers are accommodated or not. The values and goals of global power can reflect the normative choices for shaping a world that can either self- govern on the basis of justice and equitable distribution for the promotion of life, health and happiness by removing entirely the politics of war, conflicts, death and sorrow. The choice is stark: Either the world order is re-founded and built on the means that promotes life, health and well-being or remains stuck on a system that promotes the means of death, weapons, misery, lies, criminality and hypocrisy. It is either a world where the plutocrats reproduce the military-industrial-finance complex, or where people can create a social- health, education, wellbeing and life promoting complex freed from the dirty killer politics that currently prevails in the world against the vision to create all humanity to live in one peaceful and secure world community with values of ubuntu. At a deeper level a new world order is so essential to create with all learning to agree even if they disagree never to choose war and death by being inspired to create a life saviour universe.

Let all those who are in the United Nations value ‘One Humanity in one united World Community’ and remove all wars and conflicts forever to make the United Nations truly united and not distracted as it has been going on since its foundations the different members in it continuing going to war. Let the United Nation members all understand if they are members of the United Nations, they must never go to war. They must learn to resolve any difference with peaceful direct engagement with no hurt and damage to anyone. Let all countries in the world create the required science to make the future to be anchored by drawing lessons from the mistakes of the past and the present to develop human life with full decent wellbeing and nature with full and sustainable safety and security. Science requires the production and application of much needed relevant and novel knowledge and imagination to end all wars and conflicts to bring peace, reconciliation, social justice, safety, health and security without excluding all people from any part of the world. A humane universal world is much needed urgently for bringing the full inclusion of all humans and nature without using any exclusion by using geography, climate, language, ethnicity, tribe, religion, clan, caste, race, language, gender, age and all other differences including the unresolved inequalities, poverty, unemployment, conflicts, wars, marginalization and environmental degradations.

This is a time when the world is under corona virus, climate change and the new threats from the “Avian Flu as the H 5 n One”, Nord-Stream 1 and Nord-Stream 2, and wars, conflicts and the rise in the global demography and all other on-going unpredictable dangers to humanity’s safe, secure and peaceful survival. The world is still not run with effective systems, governance, institutions and leadership. There are many challenges: health challenges, social, economic and political problems are mounting. These challenges can be addressed not by war and creating military weapons but addressing all the challenges by creating the humanity life-saviour complex by removing the military industrial complex. The whole world should become and behave as one community. If it is not possible, there should be moral, intellectual and emotional education to create the right communicative intelligence to make one humanity in the world to learn, live, work, share and care peacefully and intelligently as one and one community. Let us all morally learn to give rather than take, steal, lie, hurt and kill.

Let all in the world of all of those that engage with war change. The world does not need the military industrial complex. We appeal to all America, Europe, NATO and others all over the world to learn and appreciate to value and cherish All humanity to Live with peace, safety and security as one and only One World Community. How great the current super power, the U.S.A starts the transformation from the military complex to creating the humanity life saviour All Humanity in One and Only One World Community complex. China will soon become the number one Super Power. How great China inspire the entire universe with the All Humanity in One World Community vision and innovative knowledge imagination. Let all that continue to pursue self-interest to the extent of going to war learn the big mistake and re-learn to go and make all humans regardless of where they live to become one humanity community where they find peaceful ways to manage and control the diverse interests freed from all conflicts by learning to agree by discussing to deal with and respond to any disagreement.

How good if America can start by going first as the current super power to lead in bringing the transformation from the military driven world to the humanity driven one. As a United States of America, with all people in the world also existing in America, how good if America can to become the example in creating the Humanity Universal Complex (HUC). USA must do all possible to remove the Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) and C.I.A to become the example/model as the humanity life-saviour one for the survival of the universe in this not easy time the world is going through now. Kindly go the U.S.A for HUC not MIC!

Let the world remove the prevailing politics of leadership poverty curse by choosing leaders that know the pathway and that can walk the way and can demonstrate effectively how the leader both walked and delivered quality service by knowing how to lead to serve people with values of deeply morally anchored humanity and by rejecting strongly to make one’s own interest a priority. Let all the prevailing dirty politics forever be cleaned to save humanity and the world for sure in the eternal river of time. Let science virtue prevail and political disservice vice end. Do not make power and money salary, make public service, integrity, humility, sincerity and honesty with moral, emotional and intellectual intelligence your best reward, salary and award. Let the world apply Ubuntu and “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam “to create one humanity as one community with no wars, no army and no killing of any innocent human-being and not exacerbate conflict by magnifying religious, colour, ethnic, tribal, caste, gender, age and all other differences. Respect and appreciate difference and celebrate all humans by valuing all as one humanity family. That humanistic path way must now come to save all people in the world and the planet in this not easy time the world is going through in the 21st century.

By Mammo Muchie, DSI/NRF Rated SARChI Research Chair, Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment and Department of Industrial Engineering, Tshwane University of Technology: Adjunct Prof. in BDU, UoG. African Centre of Excellence in Data Science, University of Rwanda, and Senior Research Fellow in TMDC, Oxford University