The IEC's national results operations centre in Pretoria. Photo: @journalist_jill

Pretoria - The number of votes the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania has secured in the latest national election is an embarrassment, the party said on Thursday.

“We were not expecting this, this was not the plan. It is an embarrassment to us,” general secretary Narius Moloto said.

He said the party had a membership of 65 000.

“If things stay this way, we are posed to retain one seat in Parliament.”

The PAC had collected 20 400 of the counted ballots by 3.30pm on Thursday.

He said the PAC was self-funded and contested the election with well-funded parties like the ANC and the DA.

“They spend billions on billboards and can reach every corner of the country.”

He said the PAC was transforming itself and needed to take stock of the election in a positive way to plan its strategies.

The PAC was one of the liberation movements in the pre-1994 struggle against apartheid, along with the ANC and the Azanian People's Organisation.