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Parliament - Members of Parliament's sub-committee  on the Review of the National Assembly Rules   started their discussions on the rules for the impeachment process on Wednesday.

Opposition parties said that they were seeing the draft proposals document for the first time when receiving it in the house as the document was never circulated.

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) National Spokesperson, Mbuyiseni Ndozi said: "We saw this document for the first time after the court. This document was not circulated it may have been drafted it but it never reached us".

Ndlozi said he appreciates the speed with which they have convened and that the committee has to keep up a pace to implement the order of the court without delay and a time frame to complete the process.

"The president never gave his side of the story, we have never heard his response and there is no oral proof. According to the judgement section 89 needs an inquiry before a debate can happen," Ndlozi said.e

He added that parliament has no option, but to have their own process and taking the responsibility of having this process.

Parliament was given 6 months to put new mechanisms in place and also confirmed that there was indeed a draft impeachment process up last year.

African News Agency/ANA