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Johannesburg - Parliament's Justice and Correctional Services Committee has welcomed news of a summons being served on Gupta linked companies to preserve its assets worth R1.6 billon.  

The Asset Forfeiture Unit (AFU) was expected to serve summons on Gupta linked companies McKinsey and Trillian on Tuesday. The AFU falls under the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), and the NPA has confirmed that the preservation orders were already obtained by the AFU. 

Mckinsey and Trillian are believed to have unduly benefited from corrupt contracts from Eskom amounting to over a billion rand. The unit hopes to recoup this money. 

It was not clear on Tuesday afternoon whether the summons had been served on the companies. 

The chairperson of the committee Mathole Motshekga said the committee was pleased that the process to recover stolen monies was underway. He said the process should be allowed continue without fear or favour. 

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“Criminals must know that the law will deal with them in all respects in the harshest possible way. Nobody is above the law,” said Motshekga.

Meanwhile the prosecutors handling the case against McKinsey and Trillian said they are confident that the money would be recovered within the next couple of days as engagements with  the companies' representatives was promising.  

"There are processes and engagements that are taking place, we are looking for a sum of money. And through engagements with the people we need to engage with we are confident that within the next day or two we would have recovered the money that has been taken away," said Advocate Knorx Molelle head of the NPA's  Asset Forfeiture Unit who was being interviewed on eNCA. 

The prosecuting authority has also confirmed that the are investigating about 17 cases linked to state capture that amount R50 billion. 

On reports that a warrant of arrest had been issued for one of the Gupta brothers and a high lever politician, the NPA said this is not true. 

"There is no truth to that. I have seen the media reports in the media, these are nothing more than rumours," said Malini Govender, acting head of the SCCU at the NPA. 

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