PICS: EFF marchers breach JSE security

Published Oct 27, 2015


Johannesburg - The EFF Economic Freedom March has reached the Johannesburg Stock Exchange .

The members broke through a security barrier kicking down the temporary fence and then camped right outside the main entrance of the JSE amid a strong police presence.

Around 40 000 people descended on the seat of the South African economy led by EFF leader Julius Malema.


Malema: We're not here illegally. JSE of racist whites. Your days are numbered. We're nt Mandela who promotes reconciliation without remorse

— EFF Official Account (@EconFreedomZA) October 27, 2015


Despite the long trek , the marchers were in high spirits as they stomped through Sandton.


Malema: Racists do not deserve reconciliation #EconomicFreedomMarch

— EFF Official Account (@EconFreedomZA) October 27, 2015


 For the EFF this was indeed a massive show of political might. Throughout the day , EFF leadership stressed discipline to their members and they duly obliged on the route.


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