PICS: Ramaphosa charms Capetonians on pitstop at fish and chips shop

By Lou-Anne Daniels Time of article published Jun 18, 2019

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Cape Town - President Cyril Ramaphosa stole the hearts of Salt River residents when he made a lunchtime stop at a local fisheries.

The president surprised staff and customers at the Palace Fisheries in between his meetings with various stakeholders and preparations for Thursday's State of the Nation Address.

A crowd of onlookers gathered to listen to Ramaphosa as he assured them that he was not only the president of the ANC - and its supporters - but of all South Africans. 

"I see myself as president of all South Africans. Yes, I am president of the ANC, but on an overall basis I am president of South Africa," Ramaphosa told reporters.

He reiterated that more than 10 million people have invested their hope in the ANC.

"When I do speak on Thursday I will be speaking to all South Africans," a relaxed looking Ramaphosa said.

He pointed out that the ANC faces some challenges but that the well-being of the nation is his primary responsibility.

"Parties are vehicles, but in this case, let us focus on the message we are going to put forward to South Africans," the president said.

A number of people have commended Ramaphosa's visit to the area and his interaction with members of the public. 

ANC veteran and former ports director Patric Tariq Mellet commented on Facebook that Ramaphosa's visit had left him emotional and that other politicians should follow his lead.

"I was surprised at how emotional I felt seeing the President going to buy fish 'n chips at a local chippy in my old working class neighbourhood in Salt River which defied Apartheid for all its years and interacting with the folks who gathered around him," Mellet wrote. 

"One young lady asked the President to take note that the biggest thing they wanted is jobs. I like this.... I'm having one of those teary moments. It has deep meaning for me. Other politicians should take example."


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