Members of the South African National Defence Force and Cultural Dance Groups preparing for the State Of The Nation Address(SONA) at the Parliament in Cape Town. 15/06/2014.

Parliament - A praise singer flung his stick and beads about as a warm-up ahead of President Jacob Zuma's State of the Nation address at Parliament on Tuesday evening.

Eric Sifiso Lubisi, who will lead Zuma into the National Assembly, arrived on the red carpet with a skirt and a brown tweed jacket over his naked torso.

A traditional blanket was tucked under his arm and he sipped on a takeaway cup of tea.

Basking in the attention of journalists, he took off his jacket and leapt about on the red carpet, throwing a few high kicks and hits with his wooden stick.

The primary school teacher's moves were sure to impress his Grade 7 pupils back home in Mpumalanga.

Also rocking the red carpet were two pairs of blue suede shoes. One pair belonged to Statistician General Pali Lehohla, who wore an otherwise tame khaki tweed suit and matching beret.

The other pair belonged to ANC MP Sbusiso Radebe, who kept them partially hidden under an Arabic-style white robe.

Going for style over comfort, Deputy Communications Minister Stella Ndabendi strutted along the carpet in sky-high blue and gold heels to match her tight-fitting printed dress.

She almost blinded the media with her golden belt and clutch bag.

She guided her husband Thato, who wore a suit and large black and gold sunglasses.

“This is my cute husband. He's taken, guys,” she said with a laugh before dragging him off.

Most MPs seemed to be feeling the nippy Cape weather and dressed up in fur and feathers.

Others kept their heads warm in helmets and turbans.

Economic Freedom Fighters MP Floyd Shivambu surprised no one in his red overalls and hard hat, a party uniform chosen deliberately to represent the working class.

Peaking out from the ankle cuffs of Shivambu's overalls were the bottoms of a dark business suit.

He was accompanied by his father and mother, who was a lady in red and black boots with fur trim.

ANC MP George Mthimunye wore an Ndebele animal fur breastplate over his suit. His wife was ensconced in a blue, red, yellow, and black Ndebele blanket.

“This is my culture. I've grown up with it and wore it because this is an important occasion,” he said.

MPs and guests were expected to be seated by 6pm, an hour before Zuma commences his seventh State of the Nation address.