The ANC has now resorted to the populist "land expropriation without compensation" to cover its gaping failure at land reform, the DA said. File picture: David Ritchie/African News Agency/ANA
PARLIAMENT - MPs on Thursday adopted a programme for public hearings on the contentious proposal to change the Constitution to allow for the expropriation of land without compensation.

Public hearings at venues across all nine South African Provinces would take place between June 27 and August 6, the Joint Constitutional Review Committee decided at a lunchtime meeting.

Between 7-17 August more public hearings will be held at Parliament.

"The next week will be used for the drafting of the report to Parliament. From 4-7 September that we deliberate as this committee on this report and on the 11th of September the report is adopted."

Last month, t he joint c ommittee, set up to review Section 25 of the constitution in order for the state to expropriate land without compensation, announced that it would embark on an extensive public participation process.

The committee was formed after a motion to expropriate land without compensation was passed with an overwhelming majority in Parliament's national assembly in February.

African News Agency/ANA