ANC chief whip Stone Sizani. Picture: Masi Losi

Cape Town -

A new civil service regimen awaits President Jacob Zuma’s signing it into law, after the National Assembly passed the Public Administration Management Bill on Wednesday.

The bill bans civil servants from doing business with the state, strengthens their financial disclosure responsibilities and formalises an office of standards and compliance.

It also makes municipal public servants subject to the same principles, standards and values framework as their national and provincial counterparts, as envisaged in Chapter 10 of the constitution.

It has been touted as a key block in building an effective and efficient public service, as required under the National Development Plan, the blueprint to reduce poverty, inequality and unemployment by 2030.

The ANC chief whip’s office welcomed the passing of the bill - 223 MPs voted in favour and 20 against.

“In passing this bill, the ANC government is saying unequivocally… ‘We are here to serve. We remain ready, able and willing to respond appropriately to your needs and if necessary, appropriate legislation will be passed accordingly’,” said the office of ANC chief whip Stone Sizani.

Earlier, the DA’s call for a full debate on the bill was defeated. Instead, parties made declarations from the podium. The bill had to return for a final vote to the National Assembly, from where it was withdrawn and sent to the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) in November after issues arose over its classification.

After the NCOP adopted it earlier this month, the bill returned to the National Assembly for its stamp of approval.

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