Cope leader Mosiuoa Lekota File picture: Henk Kruger/African News Agency (ANA)


He claimed that when confronted with the difficult conditions of detention, Ramaphosa wrote to the Special Branch claiming that his fellow prisoners "put Communist ideas in your head".

"In doing so, you condemned us to the Special Branch," Lekota said. He went on to claim that Ramaphosa was rewarded for this by the Special Branch, who sent him home while his comrades headed to Robben Island.

Referring to the invitation Ramaphosa extended to him last week, Lekota said the president should have issued that invitation back then and should have accompanied his comrades to Robben Island.

“We should have travelled together to the island to serve years for the struggle of our people. You made your choice then. I will not join you on your trip,” Lekota said.

He ended his speech by saying that he had made his choice and Ramaphosa too had made a choice.

"I made my choice to go down with our people. You made your choice to go with them. Now you are inviting us to join you in the corruption with Bosasa, in the corruption with all these things you were doing with the others. I'm sorry sir, I will stay with the people .... The day we get out of there it will not be to go to the fleshpots of Egypt. It will be to go with our people when freedom is there for everybody".