SACP general secretary Blade Nzimande introduced at the party's RedOctober rally in Johannesburg. Picture: Noni Mokati.

Johannesburg - The South African Communist Party on Sunday strongly condemned violence against women and children. 

In a no-holds-barred address at the launch of the party's RedOctober campaign and the centenary of the Socialist Revolution held at the Johannesburg City Hall, SACP general secretary Blade Nzimande said those abusing women had to be dealt with.

"If left unchecked, violence in our communities will plunge our nation into deeper crisis," he said. 

Nzimande tore into men who physically and emotionally abuse women as well as those who target members of the LGBTQ community.

Nzimande on young men who kill their girlfriend's: "It's like we're becoming numb to this. We have to take this up." #RedOcotber #SACP

He called on SACP members and branches to work alongside the police, community policing forums as well communities. 

#SACP General Secretary Blade Nzimande address the crowd. Welcomes leaders present. #RedOctober

The leader, who was re-elected into his position unopposed at the party's Congress in July, also spoke out on the state capture and corruption.

"If we say our state-owned enterprises are being looted... we must go and act against that. If you weaken state-owned companies, you are weakening the capacity of government ability to drive the developmental agenda."

Nzimande on state capture and NPA's role #RedOctober #SACP

Nzimabande added state capture saying it had to be categorized correctly.

"Yes it is state capture but it is counter-revolutionary," he said.

ANC Gauteng Provincial Secretary Hope Papo echoed Nzimande's sentiments on gender violence, saying self-introspection was needed. 

"Before we talk about socioeconomic issues we must make our homes safe for our girl children, wives, girlfriends, and our partners. That's where we start. If you don't want to express equality in your space at home you can't talk about equality in socio-economy in SA," he said.

Meanwhile in his message of solidarity, Cosatu President Sdumo Dlamini said workers in SA would never tolerate corruption.

"Workers will fight tooth and nail working with South Africans to defeat state capture. The whole world now knows that Cosatu is not ashamed to raise these issues," he said.

Dlamini also told those gathered that the world now appreciates that Cosatu is a force to be reckoned with. 

"We will continue to fight against labour brokers in this country until the ANC takes a decision to ban labour brokers in SA. We will continue to fight in South Africa until the ANC makes it a point that privatization is no more practised in the public sector. Until all the outsourced services are in-sourced. That's our fight... we are not going to be flinching on this one"

On the ANC's elective conference in December, Dlamini said Cosatu has a keen interest on who is elected.

"It is those who emerge in December who we will be looking up to ensure labour brokers in SA are banned. To make sure they lead a rigorous campaign for social-economic transformation and give content to what that means... We want a leadership that is capable to unite the ANC and the Alliance as a whole" he said.

He also used the rally to thank members of the trade union federation for what partaking in the 13 marches across the country earlier this month which, he said, was a resounding success. 

Young Communist League national secretary Mluleki Dlelanga said the rally comes at a time when the alliance is paralyzed.

"We didn't join the struggle to be neutral. We joined struggle to fight corruption. Red flag to state capture, red flag to gender violence, Gupta mouthpieces, and their stooges," he said.  

Sanco general secretary Skhmbuzo Mpanza meanwhile reaffirmed the civic organization's stance on nominating ANC deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa as the ruling party's next President.

International Communist organizations and ambassadors from Cuba and Venezuela among other countries, also gave messages of support. 

The RedOctober rally began earlier in the day with a march from Constitutional Hill. Marchers then walked past the Nelson Mandela bridge before arriving at the City Hall.

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