Young Communist League leader Buti Manamela. Picture: Motshwari Mofokeng

Johannesburg - Mines where there were employee deaths should have their mining licences revoked, the Young Communist League of SA said on Sunday.

Speaking at a press conference in Johannesburg, YCL national secretary Buti Manamela said mining companies should start taking responsibility for miner deaths.

“If a worker dies in a mine, the licence should be removed,” he said.

Manamela said South Africa should adopt the “global” practise and revoke mining licences when mineworkers are killed while on duty.

He said the life of a South African miner was equal to that of a miner anywhere else in the world.

He said it was ridiculous that some mines held celebrations when lives were not lost in a period of three months.

Manamela said the practice would not result in mines being closed or jobs being lost but would force mines to ensure that workers worked in safe conditions.

“A lot of companies will ensure that when workers go underground, it is not a death trap.” - Sapa