ANC Member of Parliament Thandile Sunduza caused a flurry on social media when she wore a tight yellow dress to the State of the Nation address in Cape Town. Picture: Cindy waxa.

Cape Town -

Heavily pregnant ANC Member of Parliament, Thandile Sunduza, faced a barrage of criticism on social media after she attended the State of the Nation address in Cape Town on Thursday evening, wearing a skin-tight yellow tube dress and looking like an egg yolk.

“She got triplets. One in the front and two behind,” said one tweet.

“What the hell is she wearing!” asked another

“Note opening at top of dress,” replied one delightful tweet. “This is used as an ashtray by passerby smokers.

“Shame on the designer of Thandile’s dress. You went and made her look like an egg yolk. Yellow, hardboiled and round,” read another tweet.

Sunduza, an ANC Youth League member who also chairs the arts and culture portfolio committee in the National Assembly, is known for her short dresses. She is also seven months pregnant.

Since her appearance on the red carpet in Cape Town, Sunduza collapsed at OR Thambo Airport and was admitted to Parklane Clinic where her condition was improving, according to the office of the ANC Chief Whip.

On Saturday morning, prior to her collapse, Sunduza updated her Facebook status gloating at how she had made headlines and shaming those who teased her. She admitted to having suffered a wardrobe malfunction and blamed her designer.

“Morning SA. He he, I see I made headlines… I’m not sure about comments about my stomach that I’m Oros’s wife. Oh thanks to the designer who let me down at last minute, the dress was torn, cloth falling, had to cut it in the office. It was a disaster.

“A pregnant woman can’t just walk to a shop and buy a new dress. I won’t be surprised if I get (sic) a miscarriage,” she said.

“I am a woman, a beautiful, bold, African woman. I am entitled to wear a boob tube… people can compare you to a caterpillar or a Telletubie (sic) or animal I don’t care,” she wrote.

- Sunday Tribune