By Angela Quintal

Azayo in the Western Cape said on Monday that it was time to give South Africa itself an African name and that it had contacted the Presidency to suggest that the country be renamed Azania.

"South Africa is the only country in the world without a name. The name South Africa is just a geographic name," Azayo provincial chairperson Sibongile Somdaka said on Monday.

Eleven years into democracy and liberation, it still reflected the legacy of colonialism.

Azayo believed that street names, town names, buildings and monuments should reflect the democracy South Africa now enjoyed, Somdaka said.

"The name Azania, which means 'the land of black people', continues to be a reflection of our rich history."

"We will also be engaging all relevant stakeholders to ensure that the names in the country reflect an African identity."

Azayo was still awaiting a reply from the Presidency. - Group Political Editor

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