Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation Mr Ebrahim Ebrahim meeting with Dr Muhammed Badeea at the Muslim Brotherhood Headquarters, Cairo, Egypt.

Almost all South Africa's oil imports from Iran have been suspended, according to a report on Thursday.

“(To my knowledge), no Iranian oil is flowing into our country,” deputy foreign minister Ebrahim Ebrahim told SABC television news.

“If there is any, it is very little.”

South Africa could have been subject to United States sanctions had it not cut significant purchases.

It instead abided by a request from the US to make significant cuts in its Iranian supplies.

The US Energy Information Administration said Iran was South Africa's leading crude supplier and accounted for about 29 percent of oil imports, according to Reuters.

Ebrahim did not agree with the US move but said that South Africa had to abide by it due to the economic hit it would suffer if it did not comply.

“We don't have any choice in the matter,” he said in Pretoria.

“As a sovereign country, South Africa should be able to buy oil from wherever it wants.” - Sapa